The Birth Of The Hospital....
Dr. D. K. Gosavi, an eminent ENT surgeon from miraj, came across several patients in his practice who suffered from Head and Neck cancers. Interacting with these individuals was always a frustrating experience as a large percentage of them were advanced cases and facilities for comprehensive cancer  care were not available locally.
Most of the patients had to be referred to Mumbai for further management that placed a considerable strain on their finances and time. The long queues in the metropolitan city added to further discomfiture and the disease relentlessly progressed in the
All this to change. the suffering human beings, their distraught relatives and a medical fraternity perceived the need of a center in the vicinity to tackle the problem of cancer.It is often said that - "Necessity is the mother of invention" and sensing this need, Dr. D.K. Gosavi conceptualized the project of a cancer Hosptial in the decade of 1990.  A great deal of ground work and planning had to be done and this was very ably carried out by the members/ trustees of Sanjeevan Medical foundation under his dynamic leadership.
The response to this concept was overwhelming. Help came from four corners of India and also from overseas destinations. Cancer specialists of national and international repute such as Dr. Prafulla Desai, offered advise and suggestions that was of sterling quality. 
Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir, Mumbai, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), 
Govt. of Maharashtra, Municipal Corporation of Sangli, Miraj and kupwad, Share
and care Foundation USA , Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, 
are but a few names
in the long list of benevolent donors. These and many individuals offered their help and stood behind the projectlike a solid rock.
This support encouraged Dr.Gosavi and team members enormously. The original idea to start a small Community Cancer Centre to provide basic management of neoplastic diseases rapidly metamorphosed and it was decided to build a modern, state of the art Cancer Hosptial.
This hospital is situated on Miraj-Sangli road  over 6.5 acres of land. The structure is Constructed out of stone and offers an impressive facade. Wide corridors and open to sky areas provide ample sunlight and fresh air. Generous use of marble for the flooring not only gives the hospital a rich look but helps to maintain cleanliness. Strategic use of indoor plants imparts a different feel and complements the natural ambience. As there is ample space various departments are housed in spacious rooms to aviod cramping and crowding. One would never think that is a hospital, but a very comfortable place to leave all the worries to the doctors in a very clean and neat enviroment.